Monday, August 5, 2013

1st Day Homework - 7th Graders Only

Directions:  Write a letter to your end-of-year 8th grade self, from your beginning-of-year 7th grade self.  These will not be shared with others.  (Example:  To my older, wiser, and even more fabulous 8th grade self,).  You may handwrite or type your letter (any font, any size).  Please use spell-check or a dictionary.  Read your letter before turning it in and correct any mistakes.  Use complete sentences and change paragraphs when you change topics.  You don’t want your older self to think your younger self was sloppy!  Remember, the more detailed the letter, the more fun you’ll have reading it at the end of 8th grade!  Include the following information in your letter:
1.       How did you feel when you woke up on the first day of 7th grade?  Explain.
2.      What did you decide to wear and how did you do your hair on the first day?  Are you wearing anything new or special?
3.      If you didn’t go to Billinghurst for 6th grade, how is Billinghurst different from your last school?  If you were here last year, skip to number 4.
4.      Do you notice any changes already from your 6th grade year to 7th grade?  Does it feel different to be a 7th grader?  How?
5.      What worries you about this coming school year?  Explain.
6.      What excites you about this coming school year?  Explain.
7.      Did you have any embarrassing moments on the first day, or did you feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed? 
8.      Do you like someone right now?  Think someone is cute/hot?  Going out with anyone?
9.      Who is/are your best friend(s)?
10.  Talk about some of your favorite things, like your favorite TV shows, bands/music, brand of clothes, sports or hobbies, restaurant/food, place to shop, video games, books, etc.
11.  Make some predictions about what you think you’ll be like at the end of 8th grade when you read this letter again.  Will you be taller?  Will you have the same friends?  Will your hair be different?  Will you have good grades?
12.  Give yourself two pieces of advice about going into high school.